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BC Global Auto is an international portal for the auto industry in Central Asia. This portal is an active B2B website for all Car dealership and auto manufacturers to provide them with opportunities to increase international business. At present, it radiates to more than 30 cities in Central Asia and surrounding countries, with over 800 automobile manufacturers and distributors. It has over 5000 advantageous exhibition categories and connects with automobile sales business through the BC Global Auto platform. Mainly related to passenger cars, heavy-duty trucks and automotive accessories.

The logistics network throughout Central Asia, with more than 50 logistics partners, we can provide competitive prices to achieve rapid international trade, we can provide comprehensive services for partners 24 hours a day, 30 days a month.

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BC Global Auto

Provide attractive purchasing conditions for partner distributors

The BC Global Auto platform can break trade barriers, achieve mutual benefit and win-win outcomes among countries. It can facilitate trade activities between different countries and cultures, making trade more fair,transparent, and establishing a more open and free trade environment.


The BC Global Auto platform can provide traders with more convenient and efficient trade services, reducing trade costs. It can provide traders with services such as goods transportation, customs clearance, insurance claims, etc., greatly facilitating trade activities and reducing trade costs.


The BC Global Auto platform provides a seamless B2B trading experience for the automotive industry in Central Asia with innovative and service-oriented concepts.

BC Global Auto

Partners achieve intelligent growth through BC Global Auto

The BC Global Auto platform is not just about combining supply and demand, we are creating a platform with a shared passion.


Tailored comprehensive services: from evaluation to marketing, from orders to transportation, providing innovative and efficient digital marketing solutions on the value chain for distributors, suppliers, and manufacturers.


The BC Global Auto platform, together with active partners on the platform, creates efficient, fast, and simple business models in the complex automotive world through digitization. Through platform connectors, we elevate the online automotive world to a new level.

Be the best of yourself, let's do it together

Be the best of yourself, let’s do it together

At BC Global Auto, we believe in the power of innovation, digitization, and connectivity. For us, all of this starts with seamless integration of services and resources. We are an ambitious connector that works together to make the automotive industry transparent globally through different ways of thinking and constantly challenging ourselves.

We are looking for colleagues with courage, passion, and creativity who have the motivation to fully realize your value. We are BC Global Auto, are you?


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